Code of Conduct

Cheer Star Productions strives to produce events that are a positive experience for everyone involved and to uphold the highest standards in conduct and sportsmanship. All concerns related to a team’s performance must be conveyed by a Gym Owner/Coach to a Cheer Star Official. Approaching the judging staff during an event is strictly prohibited.

Any unsportsmanlike or aggressive behavior by coaches, gym owners, parents, participants, or spectators will not be tolerated and may result in a point deduction, disqualification, or removal from the event. Cheer Star Productions will make every effort to accommodate any concerns or questions when the appropriate protocol is followed. It is our goal to continually improve and ensure your satisfaction.

Cheer Star Productions will make every effort to notify a Gym Owner/Coach of any Legality Deductions prior to the Awards Ceremony. A Gym Owner/Coach may request to speak with a Judging Official and/or a Cheer Star Productions Official and we will do our best to accommodate.

UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT-DEDUCTION -4.0 Deduction- When a coach is in discussion with an official, other coaches, athletes and parents/spectators must maintain proper professional conduct. Failing to do so may result in a 4.0 deduction, removal of coach or disqualification.

Registration Deadlines

All registration information and payments must be received on or before the designated deadline.

Payments not made at time of registration by the deadline will be considered late and late fees will apply. (Please see deadlines below) Any remaining balance paid after the deadlines will incur the appropriate fee that applies to the payment date. Registering after specified deadlines puts your team at risk of missing pertinent event specific communication from Cheer Star Productions.

Spirit Of Giving Championship

  • Early Bird- Due by Oct 16th 
  • On Time- Oct.16th-Oct.31st 
  • Late- Oct.31st-Nov.15th

Alamo Nationals and School Championship

  • Early Bird- Due by Dec. 17th
  • On Time- Dec.17th-Jan. 4th
  • Late- Jan. 5th – Jan.17th

Cheer Star Nationals and School Championship

  • Early Bird- Due by Mar. 11th
  • On Time- Mar. 12th- Mar.31st
  • Late- April.1st- April 11th


Refunds for registration fees will be 50% if cancellations are made one week (7 days) or more prior to the competition for all events (excluding Nationals). Cancellations after this time will not receive a refund. If you are attending a later event, teams may receive full credit toward the next event in the same season. Refunds for Nationals will be 50% for cancellations made three weeks (21 days) or more prior to the competition. Cancellations after this time will not receive a refund. No credits will be given for Nationals.

Cross-Over Policy

Crossover Athletes (those athletes competing on more than one team for the same program) will be allowed at all Cheer Star Events. Crossovers are not limited to a single level.

USASF RULES: CROSSOVERS An individual will not be permitted to crossover from one program to another within the same event (Exception: An athlete from one gym without a Level 6 team may crossover to one additional gym’s Level 6 team provided (s)he meets the age requirement for a Level 6 team. For the 2015-16 season, an all-star cheerleader is limited to crossing over to 2 (two) additional cheer teams from their gym per competition. Therefore, an athlete may compete on one team and crossover to two more teams from the same gym during the competition. An event producer may choose to be more restrictive than the rules above for crossovers limiting the number of teams an athlete may crossover to further; however an event producer may not be less restrictive than this. Crossover limitations above do not include athletes that crossover from cheer to dance. Crossovers between all-star prep and traditional all-star are not permitted at the same event.

Spotter Policy

In an effort to promote a safe competition environment, Cheer Star Productions is allowing programs to provide spotters at all Cheer Star competitions. Cheer Star Productions strongly encourages the use of spotters. We feel that coaches are better equipped to spot their own routines due to familiarity of the routine skills and safety concerns.
Programs are allowed to use up to 4 spotters per routine; however, spotters are not required. All Spotters must follow the Spotter Rules listed below.
Definition of Spotter: An Individual appointed by the Program to provide safety precautions during the stunting, pyramid, and/or basket toss sections of the routine.

Spotter Rules:

  • Spotters should stand on the back edge of the floor during sections of the routine that they are not spotting
  • Spotters may only spot during the stunt, pyramid, and/or basket toss sections of the routine.
  • Spotters may not touch, assist, or save skills while they are being executed. Spotters may only be used to prevent a fall to the competition surface.
  • Spotters should be dressed presentable and should not wear attire that is similar to the performing team’s uniform.
  • Spotters should not act or dress in a manner that distracts from the performance.
  • Spotters should be at least 18 years of age, familiar with the performance routine, and know proper spotting technique.
  • Spotter Penalty: A penalty may be assessed if Spotter Rules are not followed; penalties are at the sole discretion of the Cheer Star Judging Panel.
  • Please Note: Cheer Star Productions will not be providing spotters at any events.

Legality Verification

Cheer Star productions will follow the USASF Safety Rules and Regulations. If you have a question about an element in your routine, it needs to be sent directly to USASF. USASF will give you an official ruling on any questionable elements or legality issues in your routine. Send these inquiries to or

Routine Interruption Policy

A routine may be stopped due to an injury by a Safety or Panel Judge, Cheer Star Official, coach or athlete. Cheer Star reserves the right to interrupt a routine due to an obvious injury and to prohibit an injured athlete from returning to perform if deemed appropriate by medical personnel.

If a routine is interrupted/stopped due to injury, the team will have an opportunity to perform the routine again in approximately 30 minutes, if there is sufficient time in the schedule. The routine must be performed in its’ entirety and judging will begin at the point at which the injury occurred.

Any point deductions accumulated to that point will carry over. If a coach prefers not to have the team perform again then the team will receive the score up to that point.

Music Guidelines

Routine music should be on a CD or a digital music player (ie. Smart phone, MP3 player, etc.). A Duplicate CD or back-­‐up music source MUST be available at the music table during the routine performance.

If utilizing a digital music player, Cheer Star Productions will provide the necessary cables. Please be sure to follow these steps prior to your performance.

  • Set-up a playlist for each routine
  • Turn off any equalizers, sound check and/or volume limiters
  • Turn your phone up to 100%
  • If using a phone, please make sure it is in airplane mode to avoid incoming calls during your performance.

In the event a technical error causes a team’s music to be interrupted, the coach will have the opportunity to stop the performance. The team will perform according to the schedule unless Cheer Star determines for safety reasons a team should be moved down the performance order.

In the case of a music malfunction, judging and timing will resume from the point at which the malfunction occurred (as determined by the judging panel). Judges’ decisions on timing of total routine and music portion of routines are final. Coaches are strongly advised to create mix music that finishes a few seconds under the time limit to ensure that the team does not go over time. Cheer Star reserves the right to be the arbitrator and interpreter of all rules covered in this document.

Music – Proof of Licensing

Teams must be able to provide proof of licensing, in the form of a printed copy, during registration at the event they are attending. This may include:

  1. Proof of purchase from licensed music professional
  2. If using a single song, receipt from purchase of single song
  3. If using an editor, the editor does not have to be a licensed provider; however, they must be able to provide you with proof of purchase and proof of licensing for all sound effects and voice-overs included in the mix
  4. If using a non-commercial music provider, documentation that assigns all applicable rights to the team
  5. If a team does not have the required paperwork, they will be given the option to count the routine verbally or perform to an approved track of music or a track with counts.


Cheer Star will continue to follow the Unified Scoring System or “Varsity” scoring system. We strive to always have the highest level of judges at our events in order to give you the most accurate scoring throughout the season!

If you have any questions about Cheer Star scoring, rules, or regulations please contact us directly!


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